Envy Solutions provides hosting through its EnvyHosting brand;  this is a pay in advance service; clients must complete full payment before any service is activated. For our shared hosting and domain registration, these services are automatically completed after payment has been successfully submitted. Envy Solutions/ Envy Hosting will suspend any accounts if non-payment occurs:

Failure to submit payment for your service within five days after the payment due date of your invoice, will result in a late fee being added, which is 20% of the original invoice total, which is attached to the un-paid invoice.

Non-payment for domain registration will result in the domain expiring; domains will cease to function and may be available for registration by other parties.

Invoices are automatically generated seven days before the payment due date. A reminder is sent three days before the invoice due date.

Overage Billing
This is calculated on the last day of the month, and included on the next generated invoice. You, as the client shall be informed, via the address set within the control panel, prior to reaching your account limit.

Price Changes
Envy Solutions/ Envy Hosting reserves the right to change and update the price charge for our hosting plans, both to new and existing customers. All price changes will be announced at least a month before being applied to existing customers. Price changes will be immediately active on new accounts.

Your account will continue to be charged for services until a cancellation request is submitted by the client either by email or post.

When submitting a cancellation request, we require a five day notice before your next due date. If you do not allow a five day notice, the pending invoice must be paid before the request is carried out. Please allow 24 hours for your cancellation request to be processed.