At Envy Solutions we pride ourselves in providing custom solutions for our customers. We provide the best e-commerce shopping solutions on the market at affordable prices for our clients. We have a range of e-commerce packages that can meet any budget.

•    Fully-automated e-commerce shopping cart software to sell digital goods online.
•    Seamless integration with PayPal®, the global leader in online payments with over 96 millions accounts in over 55 countries and provinces.
•    Highly customisable to suit the needs of your e-commerce shop.
•    Compatible with eBay™ auction listings.
•    Manage products through the administration control panel
•    Assign images and high-quality thumbnails to products and categories.
•    Optional download expiry settings.
•    Customised product ordering.
•    Pagination and product sorting in storefront.
•    Show related items for a product.
•    Unlimited subcategory support.
•    TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) integration.
•    Custom text-editor support** (htmlArea, TinyMCE and more).
•    Free download feature.
•    Advanced sorting and filtering feature.
•    Uses PayPal IPN for complete automation.
•    Detailed transaction information with graphical representation of the store’s profitability.
•    Export transaction data to spreadsheet software.
•    Manually add new transactions for non-PayPal customers.
•    Improved refund and echeque handling.
•    View notes from customers.
•    Records coupon code in transaction data if used.
•    eBay™ auction listing support.
•    Advanced sorting and filtering feature.
•    Integrated ecommerce shopping cart for smoother customer experience
•    Centralised user system with product registration feature
•    Create coupons for specific products to offer discounts to customers
•    Export customer data to spreadsheet software
•    Export customer data to email software
•    Prevent abuse by blocking specific customers from downloading products
•    IP logging
•    Advanced sorting and filtering feature.
•    User-friendly URLs
•    Multiple currency support (6 currencies)
•    Add/modify/remove menu items easily
•    Add/modify/remove content pages
•    Customise automated email messages sent to customers.
•    Create multiple language sets and edit phrases in the administration control panel.
•    Online configuration
•    Online administration control panel with powerful features
•    Image and file managers
•    Automatic high-quality thumbnail creation***
•    Turn your store on/off to test/maintain your store privately
•    Automatic notification of critical database errors
•    Back-up store database with one-click
•    Remove old database data with one-click
(Envy M) package included.

Prices from £99/ month