The XL1 system is an all one solution which boasts a range of features which can be tailored to most niche markets and locations. This system is one of our favourites and has in fact been customised for a VAT registered client in the UK.

New shopping cart engine
Completely new and more efficient shopping cart engine.

Multi-user backend
Now you can add many store administrators to access store backend. Each user can be grant individual access rights. For example, you can allow one user only to check and process orders, another to edit design template and change general settings, and yet another to input new products info and translate it.

Complete multi-language support
Now you can completely translate your internet store into several languages including products info and descriptions, category names, information pages and so on. Editing of the translations is done via web interface without need to use other tools or edit files directly.

Widgets for integrating ordering feature to any website !
Very powerful features. Widgets are fragments of HTML code that can be integrated (where allowed) to other websites, blogs, forums etc. You can extend your other places of web-presence with direct «Buy» links to your store’s products. See some examples of it here. This would be very useful for those having partner or promotional sites and blogs.

Updated interface
New updated interface is more convenient to use everyday. We introduced many improvements such as order status color coding, AJAX sorting, etc. No need to work with files by FTP anymore — now everything can be handled from your store backend. With one click you can access other installed WebAsyst applications.

Increased performance
We made a lot of source code optimization which decreased the number of queries to SQL server and increased performance of storefront and backend. We tested software on a dedicated server with 1 000 000 products, 50 000 categories and 50 000 orders. Performance of the software almost does not change with the increase of number of products (only product search by name and description slows down on high volume databases). The XL Ecommerce is a complex system, and of course it requires certain system resources to run smoothly. We still continue to optimize software and with each update.

Automated on-demand software updates
This is not a feature of your storefront, however it is a great new benefit. We can now deliver software updates to you quickly — using built-in update tools you can view latest changes that we made with the software (a detailed list of new features) and can install updates by a couple of clicks (no manual files download and copying required). Changes made to initial design templates via built-in editor are kept when you update your scripts. As in previous versions, changes to core PHP code are not transferable.

Built-in WYSIWYG design template editor
You can edit your storefront design in web browser. Using simple drag-and-drop interface you can rearrange page elements.

All of the text (descriptions, info pages, news etc.) entered into the store backend can be neatly and easily formated without HTML knowledge using WYSIWYG editor.

Automated image resizing
This “must have” feature was frequently requested by owners of our previously released ecommerce products. Now you need to upload only one copy of the product image and it will be resized in store to the sizes set in the administrative backend for all respective areas.

Product images sorting
Now you can easily set the order of appearance of product images in storefront.

Improved information pages management
Previous versions required editing of the HTML template when adding new general info pages (About us, Delivery, How to order, etc.). Now links to such pages appear in storefront automatically. You can use single predefined segment or create more if necessary where links to info pages will be presented. These links can also be turned on and off as necessary.

Flash based sales reports
Easy to analyse graphical sales dynamics. Ability to compare sales for different periods.

Order editing
Assigned administrators will be able to change customer’s order contents if necessary. This is handy if customers change their minds or you need to add something to their order during follow-up.

Creating orders from backend
If your business started as order-by-phone you can still accept them and keep all your sales information on the internet without having to keep several simultaneous sale records. Great for phone orders.

Customer contact information is editable
Typos, changing area codes or emails can be kept in shape and up to date by administrator.

Mapping your customers
Find your clients location using integration with Google Maps, only one click away.

Delivery route planning
You can even plan your courier’s trip from your warehouse to customer’s door. Very useful for inner city orders. Powered by Google Maps as well.

Product tags
Each product in store can be assigned multiple associative tags kept in a “cloud”. Tag cloud is a good way to informally categorise your goods and help customers find them faster.

Order status color colding
Managing orders is now easier with status color coding. Now it is very easy to distinguish cancelled orders from pending, processed and paid orders.
Export orders and customers to Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc
You can export selected orders to a CSV file which can be viewed and edited inside MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Notify customers upon order actions
When you perform an action with some order (e.g. ship order), with one click you can email customer a notification about this order change. This is convenient for sending customer order tracking details.

Bulk product management
You can now select many products at once and delete all of them or move to another product category.

Add to cart report
New product report allowing you to see which products are being added to cart more than the others.

Editable product
Each product title can be freely customized.

Managing shipping and payment options made easy
No more modules and attaching payment modules to payment types. Now everything is handled in one place — one payment (shipping) option, one settings set.

User-friendly URLs
Instead of strange looking and hard to remember addresses your pages will have comprehensible plain language names, e.g. /product/pet-hair-dryer/. Page names are automatically generated based on product name. If you already have a popular and well indexed based site, you can keep old style names (index.php?productID=212).

Improved HTML coding
Less tables, more divs — HTML code of storefront pages made better.

Checkout in dedicated section
Placing an order is performed in a dedicated department of your storefront with no unwanted links. Your customer’s attention is drawn on the checkout process.

Visual improvements
Enlarged images of your products that pop-out at your customers and allow slide-show like navigation. Page fade-outs at times when definitive actions are required from customer. Straight forward checkout that does not contain any unnecessary information. All of this makes better customers experience without distracting their attention.

Support for mobile devices
We made a storefront skin for iPhone and PDAs. Now your customers can place orders from their mobile devices.

Tag cloud
New great navigation tool that will help your storefront visitors finding products.

Order tracking
In shpping cart customers can see their actual order status and information online in a dedicated storefront section “Order status”.

The ability to sign up for news and product reviews RSS feed.

Dedicated news post pages
News are not only shown in a list, but each news post has its own web page that can be indexed by search engines.

Captcha everywhere
All of the entry forms that require no authorisation have spam protection built-in. This prevents your feedback forms and product discussions from spam by bots.

Discount coupons
Create coupon codes and send them in email or post anywhere to attract customers and increase sales. When placing an order your clients will be asked to enter code and receive discount applicable. Codes can be set up for single or many times use. Discount can be set as both percentage of the order or fixed amount. To encourage your customers offer expiration date can be set as well.

Accumulative discounts feature
The shopping cart allows you to set up automated discount calculation based on customer’s total order history. This is a great incentive for your clients to come back once again place another order.

Improved PayPal Website Payments Standard integration
Most widely used method of payment implementation is taking advantage of bigger functionality, passing more order info to PayPal.

New payment module Chronopay API
Support for new integration method with Chronopay payment gateway.

Other supported payment gateways
Google Checkout
Paypal Payflow

Supported Shipping Carriers
United States Postal Service

SMS Notifications
The online system can send instant SMS notifications on new orders.

(Envy XL) package included.

Prices from £399/ month