Our values are the core of our corporate philosophy. All our actions are based on these fundamental values and beliefs, which link our vision to our business principles.

Passion for customers
This value is central to the way we work. We have an ethos of delivering outstanding customer service. We must be able to anticipate our customers’ needs and correct any errors promptly. We must give value for money, and deliver efficient and effective products and services.

Pride comes from the satisfaction of our customers and from delivering high-quality products and services. We’re proud of our achievements, and we recognise our ongoing commitments to future success.

Trust is at the heart of our relationships with customers. Trust means doing what we say and acting with integrity. We demonstrate trust by respecting and empowering our employees. Building trust will help us to develop strong future relationships with our stakeholders.

We are constantly striving for continual improvement; we are never satisfied. We will engage constructively with advocates and critics from within and outside the company. We will do this to maintain our competitive edge.